Contributions Welcome

What I am attempting to put in this map are well known, relatively productive sites (in addition to paleontological museums, clubs and events). If you get to one of these localities and find they have disappeared, have become off-limits or have been picked clean I would appreciate feedback.

Please ensure that any site you submit is publicly accessible, perhaps with permission, and permits collecting. If permission is required, provide contact information and any restrictions (for example, only groups are allowed).

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For location, we would prefer latitude and longitude accurate enough so that Google maps can pinpoint the site. This is optional, but if it is missing, ensure your description includes precise directions.

In order to pin down location coordinates I provide this tool.


   Restricted sites are those that require permission. Events include things like fossil shows and university sponsored digs.

If the entry has an associated URL, provide it below.

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If you supply your name and check the credit button, I will credit your contribution in the entry for the site. It's up to you.

   Description, perhaps including directions. If a club, you can indicate meeting times and locations or some form of contact information. If a site, try to indicate what can be found, age, formation, appearance, details on getting to the right place, etc. Do not insert HTML markup. You can include URLs, just don't put them in a <a href=...> tag.